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The initial need for this blog came late 2012. I noticed that there were quite many Tech things again that I was repeadetly explaining to friends and colleques. Also didn’t find any decent place to simple way put these things on my intrests that I had gathered knowledge. I have had some of this info on elsewhere and scattered round in different places at different point of time and briefly also run WordPress + Gallery2 site also on same purpose.

Now it felt really really right to put this up and start updating the stuff here. Some will most probably be old legacy stuff on my personal interests but also some new applied stuff will appear here.

Some Personal info will also come + links to my CV + other work related stuff.

One liner of author:
Veli-Pekka Lehtosaari, most call me VP, age 40 (2013), CEO, Consult, M.Sc.(Tech), Electronics, ICT 1997, Married, 2 children (Girls), Hobbies: ICT, Motor racing, Snowboarding

Flag_of_Finland.svgYleistä tietoa

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